HTC Droid Incredible

April 29th, 2010

HTC Droid Incredible

Oh Verizon customers celebrate. Today is a great day for all of you. The best phone on the market is available for you to purchase. The HTC Droid Incredible. It is the next line of Droid branded phones sporting the Google Android OS. The Incredible is a little piece of nerd heaven in your pocket.

Hiding behind the gorgeous 3.7 AMOLED multi-touch screen is a 1.0 GHz Snapdragon processor. Yes people, it’s as fast as the iPad. The phone comes with built in 8GB Flash meda with 512MB RAM. The phone also has a microSD card slot which can support 32GB. On the back of the Incredible with a very pretty red bezel is an 8MP camera with LED flash and video capture capabilities. This phone also has an optical trackball; similar to how the trackpad works on the Blackberry Curve. What I don’t understand is why. This is a touch screen phone with a fantastic responsive touchscreen. So why the need for the trackpad? Touchscreen HTC, duh. My finger is the cursor. Other than the trackball I have no issue with the hardware. The phone itself is as thin as the iPhone and feels more rugged.

As far as software is concerned it works just like every other Android powered phone does with a twist. The Incredible has HTC’s Sense Skin. I used to love this skin but now it’s just there for extra forms of customization. Before Android got multi-touch, the HTC Sense skin added the feature to a few apps like Photo Gallery. So all you Droid Eris or Hero owners try pinching your pictures. Android comes packed with a full HTML browser, Gmail, Picasa, Buzz, Google Maps, Google Voice applications, and a whole lot more on the Google Marketplace. Google Maps on Android has a built in Turn by Turn Navigation mode too. One thing, you should be aware of the accelerometer on the Incredible. It only works in one direction. I don’t get this feature either. You can tilt the phone to the right and it will change the screen orientation, but if you tilt the phone to the left the phone will leave the screen orientation in portrait. It’s a little annoying but the phone has so much awesomeness that everyone can live with it.

In addition to the hardware and software the Incredible is available on the Verizon network that allows you to make phone calls and browse the web over 3G speeds pretty much anywhere in the US. So for a price tag of $200.00 with a two year contract, the Incredible is an elite smart phone with an average price. I like the direction Android is going and the hardware manufacturers are finally on board with building impressive phones.

Other noteworthy specs:

  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Wireless headphones support
  • Wifi
  • 3.5 mm headphones jack
  • microUSB charger
  • Li-Ion Battery
    • 146 Hrs Standby
    • 5.5 Hrs Talk Time
  • Digital Compass

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